Activities and Services
BWA activities and services include:
  • Academic Research – providing business and government with insight and direction when considering responses to workforce ageing.
  • Business Services - including age audits and benchmarking, age management strategies, human resource management handbooks, age awareness training and scenario planning.
  • Government Services - including policy development support, research and programme design and evaluation.


Demographic Profiles - Download a PDF
The demographic profiles produced by BWA are tailored to the organisation's needs. The comprehensive profile includes a detailed analysis of the organisation's human resource management data, an age analysis of other employee data such as employee satisfaction surveys and where necessary further insight drawn from employee focus groups and interviews to gauge ‘age culture’ and to inform key questions raised through the audit process.

Age-Balanced Recruitment Workshops - Download a PDF
For HR professionals who wish to develop expertise in work and ageing, we offer this workshop to take managers responsible for recruitment through a review of their current recruitment pracitices, from creating better avenues to market to improving the recruitment process. The recruitment function can be the point at which most age bias is experienced and a poor recruitment methodology will mean increasing difficulties in attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly tight labour market and an ageing workforce.

Work Ability Survey and Workplace Strategy - Download a PDF
BWA has created an online version of the Work Ability Index (WAI), a tool designed by Professor Juhani Ilmarinen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, to be delivered in an Australian context. The Work Ability approach is based on a self assessment via an online or paper-based survey. The WAI measures the range of influences on an individual's work capacity and provides a rating of poor, moderate, good or excellent depending on the individual's responses to the range of questions.

You can read more about Work Ability here or go to the link on the left of this page to undertake the survey. Further information about our Redesigning Work project is on our Research Page .

Age Management Plans - Download a PDF
BWA is experienced in the development of strategic age management plans for organisations. BWA will generally sped several half days working with your key staff to build the framework and develop an integrated age management approach that suits your business.

BWA also have an HR guide for age management in businesses. Developed in partnership with the organisation an age management strategy takes an integrated view to develop immediate, medium and longer-term priorities and actions. Managing the Age of Change, the BWA HRM age management handbook is also available to assist organisations to develop their own age management strategy through the process of age profiling, the identification of priorities and appropriate responses.

Click here to download the order form in pdf format

Scenario planning - Download a PDF
BWA facilitates and informs scenario-planning exercises to assist organisations to map workforce and market trends. The planning exercises draw on the unique data and information developed through BWA’s research activities to investigate topics such as labour and skill supply issues, recruitment, the development and retention of workers as they age and what age balance means in the context of the organisation.

Age Awareness Workshops and Training - Download a PDF
Age awareness training can be tailored to the organisation's needs and are offered at three levels, executive, line management and operational. BWA also has the capacity to develop intranet based age awareness training and resource material.

Work and Retirement Surveys - Download a PDF
BWA has extensive experience in the design, administration, analysis and reporting of staff Work and Retirement surveys. BWA has administered these surveys in a range of industry contexts and has the capacity to develop a survey tool that is tailored to the needs of any workplace or industry.

The Work and Retirement survey is a unique offering to organisations wanting to effectively plan for the impact of an ageing workforce, the potential attrition of baby boomer employees and to assist in the design of flexible strategies specific to the workforce.

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