CEO, Australian Partnership for Business Work and Ageing

In 1997 Louise Rolland began actively researching and devising strategies to help Australia deal with the phenomenon of our ageing population. In 1999, she established the Australian Employers Convention (now BWA) to produce and promote information about the ageing of the workforce and its potential impact on Australian business, and to provide the necessary resources for an informed and strategic response.

As the public face of BWA, she is now regarded internationally for her leadership in this field. In recent years she has travelled extensively promoting Australia's work in overcoming this global challenge. In 2005, Louise has presented at conferences in Brussels, New York, Rio De Janeiro and is scheduled to speak in New Zealand in early 2006. She is one of the more eminent thinkers and speakers on ageing not only in Australia but also internationally.

Louise's direction has seen BWA establish research partnerships with La Trobe and Swinburne Universities and the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She has advised Australian Federal and State governments in developing policy and programs in this field.

Louise has presented to key business and employer groups around Australia and her work has been featured on ABC's 7:30 Report, in the Bulletin, BRW, Age and Herald Sun and on ABC radio

Louise has a 20-year background in labour market policy and planning and local and regional development.

Current Board & Professional Positions:
Professor Ageing and Work, Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University
Swinburne University Divisional Advisory Board
CEO, Australian Partnership for Business Work and Ageing.

Director of Research, Australian Partnership for Business Work and Ageing

Dr Libby Brooke is involved in researching the effects of the ageing global population on workforce demographics, policies and practices. Dr Brooke's research expertise has led to her participation in international projects, which bring together researchers in the field of ageing and workforce policy in North America and the European Union. Dr Brooke is currently undertaking an international research project with Canadian, United States and European partners.

Within Australia, Dr Brooke has conducted research into age discrimination for the Equal Opportunity Commissions of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, published as Age Limits: Age related discrimination in employment affecting workers over 45. In collaboration with BWA, Dr Brooke has conducted organisational case studies within four Australian companies; Coles Myer Logistics, DMS Glass, RACV Club and Australia Post to identify and implement strategies to maximise the benefits of an ageing workforce.

Through her research report, The Human Resource Costs and Benefits of Maintaining an Age-balanced Workforce, Dr Brooke successfully contested the myth that older workers represent an increased cost in human resources. Dr Brooke has a strong interest in developing applied research, which informs practical interventions and activates further opportunities for utilising the older workforce.

PhD (Social gerontology) La Trobe University
M.A (Industrial sociology) Melbourne University
B.A (Hons) Political Science, Melbourne University.

DAMIEN WOODS - Senior Consultant
Damien joined Business Work and Ageing in 2005 as a senior consultant. He has worked extensively in human resources management and learning and development, both as a manager of a large national Registered Training Organisation and as a human resources consultant.

Damien has extensive experience in both facilitation and workshop presentation and has delivered to organisations in a range of industry sectors. In his work at Business Work and Ageing, he manages a range of government projects, provides consulting services to private enterprise and co-delivers the highly successful Lead Practice series with Professor Louise Rolland. Damien is also running two programs funded by the Department of Employment and Workplace relations, one in Brisbane and the Wise Workforce project in Melbourne.

Damien was invited to be a judge for the 2005 & 2006 NESA annual awards, and also for the 2005 & 2006 Human Resources Magazine awards. He is a regular presenter at workshops and seminars and has invited to present to conferences for IQPC, Marcus Evans, IIR, VISTA, and DEWR.

B.A. (Political Science & English Literature) Monash University
Dip. Ed.  (English) Monash University
Dip. IR/HRM Melbourne University

Philip Taylor is Professor of Employment Policy at Swinburne University of Technology, working in the Faculty of Business and Enterprise. Previously, he was a Senior Research Associate and Executive Director of Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Ageing at the University of Cambridge.

Philip has researched and written in the field of age and employment for over fifteen years. Interests include individual orientations to work and retirement, employers' attitudes and practices towards older workers and international developments in public policies aimed at combating age barriers in the labour market and extending working life. He is frequently asked to address national and international conferences and has been a member of official committees concerned with the implications of workforce ageing.

Philip is currently leading the BWA project Redesigning Work for an Ageing Society which is supported by an ARC Linkages grant, the most substantial grant ever won by the Faculty of Business and Enterprise at Swinburne University.

BSc (Hons) Psychology, 1985 CNAA
MSc Applied Psychology, 1987 Cranfield Institute of Technology
PhD Applied Psychology, 1989 Cranfield Institute of Technology

JANET PELLY - Senior Consultant Janet joined Business Work and Ageing in May, 2006. She has over 20 years' experience in Communications and Organisation Development, in Australia and the UK. Janet completed the first BWA Lead Practice Series in 2004, and later developed an age management plan for Sensis, where she worked in HR and Internal Communications from 1999-2005. She presented a best practice case study for Sensis at the IIR Workforce Planning conference in August, 2005.

Prior to this, Janet held management and consulting roles in a wide range of organisations, including St George Bank (during its merger with Advance Bank), the NHMRC National Breast Cancer Centre, South-Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and Coca-Cola UK. She has extensive experience in communications strategy, facilitation and project management. In addition to age and work, she has delivered substantial programs in mentoring, leadership development, re-branding and change management.


B.A. (Communications) Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW                                        M.A. (Anthropology) University of Sydney, NSW                                                              Dip.TEFL, Stevenson College, Edinburgh, Scotland

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